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A Call From The Grave. Episode 4

Slowly, I opened my eyes to nothing, not to Felix, not to Jennifer, not to Esther and Mary, not to the light. I had opened my eyes to nothing, everything around was pitch black. I felt the intense heat fall upon me and with nothing around to be heard. It felt different as I laid on my back waiting for nothing, I felt I was human…THANK GOODNESS, I’M HUMAN AGAIN. I ran my hand through my body, I had fabrics on me, it was a smooth thick cotton with buttons attached, and I felt shoes covered my foot.


“Where am I?” I could talk like human. WHAT I HAD HAD EARLIER WAS A DREAM, A BAD DREAM…I GUESS My head hit against something hard as I attempted to sit up, I ran my hands through the things around me, and I realized I was within a confinement with just very little space for my body. I got panicky, I screamed for help but my voice sounded stocky amidst the thick air, I tried again to push away the unseen things around me but nothing bulged. I relaxed to reminisce on the dream or vision or whatever it was I had witnessed moments ago. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE, MY WIFE AND BROTHER CAN’T DO THAT, I convinced myself trying to flip off the images as they popped through my inner eyes but it kept playing over and over.


“poo, this place is hot” I struggled to breath out those words in great inconvenience. The air around was thick, hot and stuffy. I felt so dehydrated, weak, thirsty, hungry, tired, I was slowly surfocating while sweat escaped through my pores. “Somebody help me!” I called out. “Can anyone hear me? Save me, I am dying !!” again I called out even louder as I felt life slowly drifting out of me. I feared as I realized the things around me seem to have sound proofs for my voice never echoed out of my space. I kicked and pushed repeatedly in distress but nothing changed. Everything was stuck. I sighed heavily, blinked my eyes tiredly, “God please help me” the words had flown out of my mouth more unconsciously. All of a sudden, a chill wind blew around me causing goose pimples creeping over my body, I shivered. My body strangely regained streng “Here I am!” a voice whispered from no distinct direction.


I looked around but was met with that darkness. “What is that?” my voice trembled while I asked. “You called me…and here I am” that strange voice came up again “Did I?” “Yes you did. You called my name” “Called your name?” I paused and thought for a while but never remembered calling a name, “I can’t remember calling your name but anyways it’s good you are here”. “You lie!” the voice snapped and my body trembled as a chilled cold rushed through me, then continued after a short paused I a calm tone, “You called me, you called my name, you called for my help, you dare not call my name in vain”. “Bu…bu..ut I never called your name” my body was shivering with intense cold all of a sudden “You did call my name” “I don’t remember calling your name” “Yes you did” WHAT SOUGHT OF PRANK IS GOING ON HERE? WHO IS THIS PERSON TALKING…I HOPE I’M NOT BEING KIDNAPPED. My eyes widen in horror realizing that I had just been kidnapped and put somewhere with someone standing around to watch over me. OH MY GOD, I HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED, GOD PLEASE HELP ME.


“And here I am” that voice filled my space again. “What is it?” I asked “You just called for my help again” “I did?” “Yes you did” “When?” “Just now” NOW IT’S OBVIOUS I HAD BEEN KIDNAPPED BY LUNATICS OR PROBABLY GROUP OF NAUGHTY CLOWNS WHO PROBABLY HAD PUT A CALL THROUGH MY WIFE AND BROTHER FOR A RANSOM… “Son, this is not a kidnap” “Jeez! Wait a sec, did you just heard my thought?” “Yes” “For real?” “Yes” “Then who are you?” I inquired, eagerly waiting for a name “I am God” the voice was clearer than anything I had heard, it was powerful and yet…calm. AND HERE WE GO AGAIN, ANOTHER CRAZY DREAM. GOD PLEASE IT’S TIME YOU WAKE ME UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARES. “You are woken already, what you now feel right here is real” said the voice

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