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A Call From The Grave. Episode 3

Everything appeared to play out like a bad dream. MAYBE IT’S A BAD DREAM. I saw Jennifer dialed her phone and placed it to her ears “Come to the backyard, I am there waiting for you” WHO IS SHE WAITING FOR? I looked around but saw no one. Jennifer stood there pacing around impatiently. Again, I heard her made a call “Come around now, I can’t wait to see you…I said I’m at the backyard beside the boys quarter”. WHO IS THIS PERSON? WHO IS SHE WAITING FOR? I kept looking around. I then saw a man coming ahead.


THANK GOODNESS, HE WOULD RECOGNIZE ME IF NO ONE DOES. YES…YES, PLEASE LOOK DOWN HERE AT ME, I AM RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. WHERE ARE MY JOLLOF-RICE MOVES? AND HERE COMES FELIX AGUDA, MY TWIN BROTHER. He kept smiling as he walked pass me to go hug Jennifer who already had her arms wide opened to him. I saw both of them crashed into one another so romantically and their lips locked together passionately as his hand slide down to caress her huge butt. JESUS…AYE MI TEMI BAMI!! My eyes were widen in horror as my jaw fell loosely. There and then, I so much wished to be woken from that nightmare. Somehow I got overwhelmed by wave of shock that paralyses my bones.


I just stood there while I stared up to them. “What took you so long?” Jennifer asked in a tone of affection, that same tone she had many times used on me. “I’m sorry love, I had to be careful while sneaking out of the parlor, they musn’t know I’m out here with you. So what’s up, why do we have to meet here? Why not the hotel” he spoke in a quite tone. “There is a big problem” I saw Felix looked alarmed, “What is it?” “Doctor Williams is trying to blackmail us with the evidence” “What do you mean? I thought you had settled him? He queried with a frown on him. “Yes, but he called me earlier again requesting he needed an extra fourty million” FOR GOD SAKE, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? PLEASE CAN ANYONE KINDLY EXPLAIN? “


That bastard, I knew he couldn’t be trusted. I should have killed him while I had the chance…dammit!” “Felix please not again, I don’t want another blood on my hands” Jennifer looked scared. “Shuuuuu!” he places a finger upon her lips. “I will handle it alone, watch me” he sounded reassuring. Again, I saw them kissed like they would swallow one another. I felt my claws itching for a rough scratch and my fangs peckish for a nasty bite. I MUST KILL SOMEONE, I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KILL SOMEONE. Felix looked down at me, “What is wrong with this dog?” I guessed he saw me acting all sneering and crazy. “I don’t know, it has being acting weird around me also” Jennifer replied. “Then get rid of it before it goes wild on you” ERNN! GET RID OF ME? SO YOU WANT TO GET RID OF YOUR BROTHER? ARE YOU MAD? “I will but not yet” Jennifer turned her face down to me “I intend to keep it for a while before I kill it” BLOOD OF JESUS!!


I swiftly pushed back. “Why would you keep it for a while? Felix asked also looking down on me. “If I get rid of it now, it might arose suspicion, you know it’s his favorite dog” “Yes that’s true, you are right. You are so smart and that’s why I will kill for you”. They locked lips again right in front of me and I saw Jennifer melting in his arms. “Common let’s have a quickie right here” I heard Felix whispered into her ear. Jennifer shook her head coyly like a timid girl, “Please not today, someone could be watching” “I insist, I want to Bleep you so bad…please!!” his tone was intensely hush and then I saw him struggling to pull up Jennifer’s gown. PLEASE FELIX, DON’T DO IT, NOT WITH MY WIFE…PLEASE I BEG YOU. I barked so hard my tongue almost fell out. I saw Felix picked up something from the ground in haste and hurled in at my direction. Before I could figure out what it was or which way to dulge, I felt something hard struck my head and then…everything went blank.


**** ******* Go…go tell them, go tell them all that my story has just began!!!

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