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A call from the grave. Episode 2

Mary dropped the bowl down in front of me and opened it cover. I rushed at it like a dog, as in a real hungry dog. The Jollof-rice was so cold as it passes down my throat. At first, I couldn’t tell if I was eating the actual jollof-rice or a jollof-looking-snow, it was all icy. After a while, I paused to realize I wasn’t eating Jollof-rice but rather eating something spoilt, it smelt so bad as I sniffed. I looked up and my eyes locked to Mary who had a mischievous smile already. I thought I had the ‘what-is-all-these-rubbish-about?’ kind of look. But that fool didn’t looked a bit scared nor beg for forgiveness, she rather began to laugh.


“Why is Bruno not eating again?” Esther asked ignorantly as she looked from me to the laughing Mary “E be like sey e don belle-full” she replied amidst laughter. SHUT-UP, YOU FUrCKING BASTARD FOOLISH PIGGY FAT LIAR, I barked at her furiously. I must have scared the poo out her pant when I was her quiver. “Mary, na wetin you give dis dog chop?” I heard Esther asked while I still had my ‘Don’t fucck with me’ look resting on Mary. “Shebi na Jollof rice” Esther moved closer to look down at the bowl, she sniffed and then frowned at Mary who was holding herself from laughing. “Mary, I swear you be wicked girl o, dis food don spoil already naa, see as e dey smell like rotten egg. How you kon expect make Bruno eat am?” “So na who go kon eat am?… me?” she followed with a long hiss. While I was raging with anger and knitting a suitable revenge plan, I saw the two ladies rushed out of my sight off into the building. I assumed they must had read my mind through my body language.


Then, another voice came up behind me and I turned around to see who it was, and there I saw a beautiful lady walking towards me, her voice and face were familiar. As she came closer, I remembered who she was, she was the woman I ever loved, and she was Jennifer my wife. _____ Jennifer ordered the two girls to come out from the building, I guessed she had seen them running to avoid her already. While they came out coyly, she rained insult on them like I had never seen her do, she ordered them to go serve the guests waiting in the parlor and warned them never to come out there till she sends for them. Mary and Esther nodded in affirmation and rushed off into the building. I stood there watching Jennifer, she looked worried and scared. I kept staring up at her but she ignored like I wasn’t there, like I was a sought of ghost. I was curious when I saw her looking around suspiciously like she aims to look out for something.


WHAT IS JENNIFER SEARCHING FOR? OR COULD IT BE ME SHE LONGS FOR? LOOK DOWN, I’M HERE. My inner voice echoed inside my head. I wished she heard. WHY CAN’T SHE LOOK DOWN HERE AT MY EYES, MAYBE SHE WOULD SEE SOMETHING, THAT SPARK, JUST LIKE SHE CLAIMED IT HAPPENED WHEN WE HAD FIRST MET IN THAT PARTY. Again I barked, I tried telling her that her true love was directly in front of her but yet she kept searching for something. OH! LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES, HER LONG LEGS AND HER BEAUTIFUL BODY. BUT WHY IS SHE IN A BLACK ATTIRE? I THOUGHT SHE NEVER LIKED BLACK OUTFIT. “Doc, what exactly is your problem?” I heard her spoke into her phone in a hush tone, she sounded angry. She continued after a short pause, “Yes, what exactly is your problem? I thought we paid you fifty million to seal up the deal” she continued again after another long pause, “That is ridiculous, you must be out of you mind”. WHO COULD SHE BE TALKING TO?


I strained my ears and heard a man’s voice speaking on her phone. He was saying something about exposing the truth. WHAT TRUTH? I saw Jennifer looking timorous while she spoke into the phone, “I will pay you, just don’t do it…I will transfer the money into your account first thing tomorrow morning but please…” she stopped her sentence midway and stared at her phone. “Such a bastard, he just dropped the call on me” she said looking angry and worried. I tried hard to figure out what was going on with her but I couldn’t. I barked in an act to let her know I have got her back and no one can threaten her or make her sad. BY THE WAY, WHO COULD SHE TALKING TO? WHO IS DOC? “Shut up, you bastard” Jennifer suddenly kicked me on my head. SHE KICKED ME…SHE JUST KICKED ME SO HARD ON MY HEAD!! I wimped before withdrawing back swiftly. It had hurt so bad, it wasn’t the kick nor the harsh words she used on me but it was her rejection that I help. I had always been there for her. ***

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