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A Call From The Grave. Episode 10

*** I opened my eyes to the realization I was suspended in the air with my hands banded with rope, as I had no cloth to clad my sweaty body. Every part of my body was swollen and arched in excruciating pain. I felt blood dripping from my mouth as I tried called for attention in the dark room. Suddenly, the door was flung open to a man who gently walked in, he turned to switch on the light before slowly closing the door behind him, the illumination was red and then I could see the figure majestically walked up to me in an air of desperate ease. “You brother has confirmed it, he said it was you who impregnated her” the voice paused then soon came up again with a fiercer tone “is it true?” I looked closely and saw it was the boss who led the soldiers to us, he wasn’t with his staff or dark shade, I could then see into his eyes and they were hot red, desperate and deadly.


I felt a wave of fear rushed through me, I fear that was a sign of coming death. I decided I wasn’t going to lie so at least I would make heaven. I began to silently ask for God’s forgiveness…a quick penitent at that. Death was inevitable at that moment, I thought. “Are you stupid” the man hit me so hard with his clenched fist and it was… JEEZ!!… I THOUGHT I WAS HIT WITH A ROCKY OBJECT “Is it true?” the man yelled again. “Yes sir, It was me. I impregnated her, but I swear it was all a mistake” I cried out as I instinctively burst into tears, wimping remorsefully of my act with Ajumoke, I knew nemesis would catch up. I knew this day would come “I am sorry sir, forgive me sir” “Shut up!” the voice barked angrily “So you had the guts to use this your stupid thing on my poor daughter” he was pointing directly at my exposed peniis EHN? ABEG WAIT O, DON’T GET THINGS MIXED UP, WHICH GIRL ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT HERE SIR?


I was confused and I was sure he saw the shocking look on me as he then asked if I was trying to deny my claim. Of course yes, I denied not knowing which girl he was talking about. SEE ME O! I EVEN THOUGHT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT AJUMOKE The old soldier made a wicked grin at me as he slowly drew out a pistol from his back waist GHEN-GHEN…I HAF DIE. My entire body completely froze and my eyes widen in complete lost and horror. He looked so determined to make good use of the tool in his hand. “So you think I’m joking ehn? By the time I blow off your head…” he paused his sentence midway, he resumed “Now I will ask you for the last time, did you or did you not impreg…” before he finished the statement, I affirmed to the allegation, I told his I was responsible the pregnancy and that it was the devil that lured me, and that he should forgive me. I was already crying profusely with tears, mucus and sweat all dripping out of my body. “Did you ever love her?” the man asked with the pistol still aimed at my head.


I was confused, it dawned on me at that moment that any answer that comes out from my mouth could lead to my death as ii wasn’t sure who exactly we were even talking about. I decided to shake and nod my head simultaneously. I guess my indecicive action really got him pissed-off as he frowned and stared at me disgustingly. He kicked me in my stomach with his boot and I felt I would puke and die. “Are you stupid? I asked you a simple question. Did you ever love my daughter?” he yelled furiously. JESUS! WHAT EXACTLY IS HAPPENING?…THIS MAN SURELY HAS MISTAKEN ME FOR SOMEONE ELSE. PLEASE I NEED A LAWYER!!! I wanted to explain my innocence to what was going on but had to reconsider after seeing his deadly stare and the manner at which his finger kept playing around the trigger.


I burst into fresh tears as I cried out “More than my blood sister I loved her but she loved me moreeven though I never deserved it. She was kind and loving…I know I do not deserve her love, sir please forgive me” I kept on sobbing for a while when suddenly, the man matched out of the room and came back almost immediately with a baby wrapped in his alms. He brought the baby closer so I could see, the baby was still asleep but very pretty. “It’s a girl” the man said calmly as he looked me in the eyes. AND SO? WHAT’S MY BUSINESS WITH THAT? “Just before she died” he said in a down tone “she wants you to give the baby a name”. The old soldier swallowed hard as he made the last statement. NOW I AM COMFUSE, AS IN SUPER CONFUSE…HELLO MISTER SOLDIER, CAN’T YOU SEE YOU’VE GOT THE WRONG GUY HANGING? I kept staring at the man blankly trying to say something to prove my innocence and yet try my best not to piss him off. “Common, give the girl a name” he sounded impatient as he jerked the baby towards me, the baby now had a smile on her face even while asleep.


She was sooooo beautiful, she was soooo…. “Marvelous…yes, she is Marvelous” I said on realizing her existence and connection to me was a marvel, it was unexplainable. The old soldier fringed and looked puzzled like I had given the name of an animal, he shrugged carelessly then turned with the baby with the baby to leave, as he switched off the light and opened the door to step out, I unexplainably summoned courage to ask who exactly he was. He halted, slowly turned to me and revealed “I am retired General Umar Danbaba, and I am Memunat’s father”.

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A Call From The Grave. Episode 9

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