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Brouhaha in the house of God (Episode 8)

We ran inside the bush like mad men, who go see fire and stand they look, i don watch those kind things for tv but now e dey happen to me e just be like film trick, they kept on shouting at us to stop or they will shoot, that one fall for deft ear, we run for our dear live, since we dey familiar with the area we escape from them and run back to our school we found ourselve back to school breathing heavily with our tattered uniform due to the bush, everybody don go house so the school dey empty we waka go the last class.
Austine: guy na who be those guys?
Me: i nor know them oh, but e be like say na me them dey find.
Austine: why wetin happen?
Me: you know celestina na abi?
Austine: that tina wey be oga for white angel?
Me: yes na, she don come back.
Austine: ha since all this while she gree return and i believe na she go cause all this trouble.
Me: she say something happen for auchi so she run come back because auchi dey too hot.
Austine: wetin come concern you wey them want kidnap us.
Me: e be them know say i dey close to tina,
austine: so them want use u capture her.
Me: exactly, na wahala i dey oh.
Austine: how them take know say you know her.
Me: i never know.
Austine: okay bye bye, and nor come my house again oh.
Me: wetin you mean.
Austine: na you them dey find no be me, i nor want associate with cultist things abeg.
Me: so you want come leave me here abi? We nor be friend again?
Austine: for now the friend is on hold, till after redemption.
He meant it because he walk out on me leaving me inside the class, i called him back but he refuse to come back, i ran after him.
Austine: abeg no follow me abeg, just waka your own make them no see us together at all.
Me: why you dey do like this na, okay give me your phone make i call person.
Austine: take and nor follow me again, infact carry the phone i dash you.
He gave it to me and leave me like that standing stranded.


I look left and right i thought i saw someone starring at me, so i ran back inside the building, i took the phone and dial tina’s number, (she ask me to memorize her number incase of emergency) i dial the number no answer, i dial it again, this time she pick up.
Tina: hello (see her macho voice like mark henry).
Me: its me, i need your help.
Tina: Oz, where are you?
Me: in my school, please come and pick me up.
Tina: i’ll be right there, just hold on.
Me: make it quick am kinda scared.
Tina: dont be my baby, i will be there in a minute.
Me: alright am waiting.
I cut the call and parabulate around the class, hitting the phone on my palm like a man waiting for his wife to put to bed, i waited for 5minutes or more before i heard the sound of her car, i went outside and saw the toyota van, she and edna came out of the car, i ran to her and gave her a surprising hug, she was kind of surprise, so she just hold me and tap me on my back like a little baby,.
Tina: come on we are here now, nothing will happen to you okay.
I join the in the car and we drove off.
Edna: so what really happen?
Me: we were coming back from school when they block us, we ran and they pursue us with guns and cuttlass.
Edna: waoh that is serious, so it has got to this.
Tina: you and who exactly.
Me: me and my friend austine.
Edna: so where is him now?
Me: he left me, a minute before i called you, he said he dont want anything to do with me again.
Edna: forget about him we are here for you anytime you need us okay.
Me: i wont be needing you guys, cause am traveling next tommorow.
Tina: to where?
Me: to auchi.
Edna: thats their headquarter.


Me: at least they wont know me there, i will be on my own.
Edna: hahahaha they have people everywhere and since they now know, you are her weakness they wont stop until they get you except they get to her first.
Tina: i cant let you go there.
Me: really so how are gonna stop me?
Tina: am not going to stop, am just saying you are not going there alone.
Edna: i hope its not what am thinking tina?
Tina: it is dear you should take the other girls and leave, i will handle it my way.
Edna: we cant leave you, we are on family, any where you go we go.
Me: no no no no what are girls even saying, am going alone, nobody will go with me, i dont even want to see any of you please,
Tina: you dont understand, i killed the leader of , and since they have know you, they will follow you anywhere you go, the one that happen today is just phase one, the next one will be bloody.
Me: thanks to you my life is turning upside down, from now on i will stop calling you and dont ever call me, stay away from me and my family just fucking drop me here let me go.
She hold the break and i almost hit my head on the glass. She got out of the car and open the door for me, she drag me out and put one hand on her waist and the other on the car.
Tina: (shouting) you think i dont know is my fault, or you think i dont regret all those things i have done, i killed somebody instead of me to run i came back for you, putting my friends life in danger, or you think i feel happy watching people die, its because i dont have a fucking choice, so what do you want me to do run and live my life like a coward, no i cant, i just cant, i can abandon my friends and most importantly you, (she put her hand on her head and walk back a little ) so you want to go, just go and you wont ever see me again ( she get inside the car and drove like a mad woman).
Did i do something wrong?


I walk to my house jejeje, thinking like a stranded person on the way, i need to stay low for now, at least if i travel they cant track me to my brother’s house, i just told them am going to auchi, actually my brother live in jattu very close to auchi and that place is good for hiding, it wont be easy for them to get me there and i will always be indoor.
I got home and greet my parents, as usual my bros they watch film.
Cactus: na you and who fight wey come scatter your cloth like this.
Me: i nor fight, na bamboo we go cut for bush wey we go use stand goal post.
Cactus: you dey write exam you dey play ball abi?
Me: i play ball after exam, afterall we don roundup.
Cactus: good to know at least you go they join me for farm na.
Me: which farm, me wey they travel next tommorow?
Cactus: travel go where, wey farm dey to clear.
Me: i don tell mama already, me i dey travel next tommorow oh.
Cactus: travel make me too travel na make we see who go clear the grass wey dey farm.
Me: the grass still many?
Cactus: yes na.
Me: so since last week wey you they go you never still finish am.
Cactus: you nor well you think say e easy abi, e remain small sha.
Me: no wahala tomorow i go go finish am.
Cactus: you finish wetin, hahaha e go take you like ten days for you to finish am.
Me: na you sabi, i don go sleep.
Cactus: by this time.
Me: yes i get choir practice by 6.
Cactus: bye bye.
I went to my bed and doze off, i woke late around 6:30pm, i quickly get ready and run to practice, i enter inside and sat at the back as usual, i saw mabel but i just bone her, as the practice was going on, i look at the window and saw one man dress in black with eye glass smoking, i got up.
Choir master: oz why are you standing up?
I nor even answer am self, i walk to the first door i saw two guys dress in black also, i went to the second door same thing, so i went to third door the same result, i look at the time, 8:00pm.
I know they are here for me but na how them take know say i dey church my guess is that somebody told them so what do i do now, my people just they practice them nor even know wetin they go on, i took my phone and dial Tina’s number
“the number you are trying to call is currently switch off please try again later” na there i know heaven is near.

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