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Brouhaha in the house of God (Episode 4)

“F fiaah” that kobok na die, na so i dey cry loudly like small pikin, me wey teach they flog tire for school i nor they even cry, maybe this man na retired general, he continued floggin me till e reach 10, then mabel who have been watching cry inside e be like say she nor fit bear am again, just because i flog your koboko na im make your papa wan revenge abi? No wahala after today when i see your break light i go disappear,.
The man flog me fifteen good times on my fine yash, come see as my yash dey like red volcano .
Daddy: untie him and throw him outside.
John over sabi head just untie me, junior open their door and john push me outside as if i steal something, oh yeah i forgot i stole her virginity, but i didnt steal it na she gave it to me willingly, na so them push me outside even without clothes, and my phone too they inside mabel room, i they waka dey bend my yash like goat wey them break im back leg, i manage to walk to the main road, i tried to sit at the gutter to regain my strenght before trekking home, as i sit down omo na so my yash pepper me, so i just better stand there hold pole like say them wan crucify me like Jesus, i stood there for like 10minutes then i started walking home, in the midnight wey nobody dey road, well thank God say moon they sha, i walk slowly using my right hand to cover my dicck even though na night we they.
I walk slowly till i get to the church, i look at the church i shake my head, assuming i come house directly now this calamity for nor happen, as i continue walking then i heard sound from my back, i look back and saw somebody wearing white clothes following me from my back, i fasten my footstep. Any demon that want to form evil against me shall not prosper in Jesus Name.

I started moving faster and faster, i look back and saw the person abi ghost making a call, i cant figure the person’s face but am quite sure that she is a female, i continue walking faster then withing 2 minutes i look front and saw 2 other people coming from my front, omo na which kind wahala be this na, i look back i did not see the other person again but i believe shes coming so i corner and enter one road in between two houses to move to the older road, as i came out of the street i saw another white person standing, resting her body on a pole, pressing phone, i turn back, as i move two step i saw them again coming towards me, they no even waka fast them just they stroll like say them they use me play game of chess, by this time in the midnight wetin person like me go fit do, wey my yash they pepper me, i stood still while two approach from the back and two from the front all of them girls, i set my blow ready for fight while my dicck bounce with me, at least before i go down i go don fall like two of them, then i saw another person coming, this one look like their leader because her clothes is different but still white, she came and walk pass their middle, she came closer to me and remove her mask.
Me: celestina?
Celestina: how are you my love?
Celestina is my old friend or rather my fuckmate, she is 25 years old imagine the gap, she is a rugged girl a cultist also, but i’ve never seen her dress like this, i remember when i met her, i was like 14 then i was been bully by bigger boys in school, she came with her gang and help me, she took me to their creep, though i didnt know she was a cultist then, she took possession of me and call on me to sample her pucci anytime she want, she taught me everything about sex, she also take of me of course, but since 8 months now i’ve not hed from her until now.
So many questions on my mind but i dont know where to start from, all i need now is a bed to sleep.
Celestina: come on lets go home we will talk later,.
She hold my hand as we walk silently, while her gang follow us from behind looking at my ass.

W e walk silently to my house ( i wore one of her jacket and use hand cover my dicck) where everywhere was locked, so i went backyard and collect the hospital key, i use it to open one store room for the hospital,.
Tina: call me first thing tommorow morning okay.
Me: i lost my phone and my sim
Tina: how?
Me: well errrm (i was scratching my head with my left hand with the right one on my dicck).
Tina: forget it, just take my own i will call you in the morning, go and sleep you need it.
I went inside sluggishly, and close the door, i took one of my clothes i use to keep there incase of emergency like this, i relax on the hospital bed while i snore into dreamworld.
Celestina is a beautiful girl, she finish her senior school long ago, i dont know wether she gain admission or not but i know she base in auchi, maybe shes into auchi poly or maybe not, but wetin she find come and how she take even know say i they road they come self, well na cultist with them anything is possible, they call themself WHITE ANGELS.
Still sleeping, somebody called my name from outside, i guess is my mum, i came out and open the door with sleepy eyes.
Me: good morning ma.
Mum: good morning, where you go wey you nor pick call since yersterday?
Me: after practice we go one programme, and we close by 1AM, i nor even hear when the phone dey ring maybe because the noise in the church was too much.
Mum: okay, get up go your room day don break,.
I went back inside the store and collect the phone i hide it inside my pocket and walk out,. I go inside my room and lock the door, i relax on my bed and remininse over the whole thing, hmmm tina is back, time to get some respect back in the neighbourhood.
As i continue thinking, her phone ring, i look at the caller and saw my mtn 2.
Me: hello
tina: i guess you are awake now, how was the night.
Me: it was okay and urs.
Tina: didnt sleep, i want us to see today, when will you be chance?
Me: i guess in the evening, because this morning am sure we will go to farm.
Tina: alright call me with this number when you are chance.
Me: alright.
She cut the call, i check her credit and saw that she has credit.
I called my number and her mum pick.
Mabel Mum: hello.
I cut the call

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