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Bro Paul (Episode 7)

Paul got home and began to apply the soap and lotion. At the first week, he noticed that he suddenly finds prayer and bible reading boring. Each time he makes attempt to have a quiet time, it always seems to be boring to him. This continued for 4weeks. On the second month, he stopped hearing the quiet voices of God which he normally heard and he never bothered about it. On the third month. Paul finds it difficult to attend church programmes. He started by going to church late on Sundays. Gradually, he began to miss weekly services and before the end of the fifth month after visiting baba with his friends, Paul had stopped attending church on Sundays. His church members and elders in lagos who always knew him to be a dedicated and fervent Christian began to complain and worried over his sudden change in religious attitude. Instead of Paul to reason with them, he fought his church members and he angrily stopped to be a member of the church. All through this five months, there is no sign or traces of job but his friends keeps assuring him that job would come. “Since it worked for us, then it will work for you” one of his friends said.

At the sixth month. Paul was stroked with a unknown attack. He began to bed wet. Whenever he sleeps, the whole mattress would be soaked with urine before daybreak. His friend were worried about it but there is nothing they could do to stop it, at the eighth month, it got worse that Paul would pass urine in his trousers in the day break without him noticing it until his trouser gets wet. This happens to him mostly in public places. Paul was so embarrassed and disgraced that the whole neighborhood was aware of it that Paul is a daytime-bed wetter.
“This Paul issue isn’t ordinary. I think we should visit baba”, one of his friend said. “I think you are right, we should go there tomorrow morning” the other friend replied. They all left for baba in the following morning.

“Baba, may you live long sir, here is our friend Paul, he had been bed wetting for months sir” says one of his friends. Baba replied ” haba, and you can’t bring him to me all this while?, anyway, take this ointment and apply it on his body every night before you sleep. May the gods of my forefathers be with him”. They all left and returned home. 3days after using the ointment, Paul was healed of his bed wetting and everyone was happy. But 2days later, he was stroked with epilepsy.
Paul would suddenly fall down and started vomiting foam-like substances out of his mouth while shaking and rolling on the floor. On this latest development, his friends couldn’t bear it and they sent him packing. Paul took his belongings and returned to his parents with the ailment.

Paul returned to his family. He was been carried from one hospital to another, from one physician to another but no cure. His parents tried many specialists and churches and yet, there was no cure. Third month after Paul’s arrival to his family, he started developing mental problem. Paul would be normal for one moment, at the other moment, he would be behaving funny. He would started laughing and displaying funny act.. Paul suffered these ailments for the next 9 months with no cure.
The members of his church raised prayers for him. His family had series of vigils until he was cured after 2 years of staying with his family.
Paul realized his mistakes, he knew it that he had compromised his God, he knew it that he wasn’t standing right with God again. He wept and cried unto God for forgiveness of his sins. He re-dedicated his life to Christ and began to grow again spiritually.
2 months later, Paul was in his room at his family house reading his bible when his phone rang. He picked it and had the following conversation.

Paul: hello,
CALLER: hi, is this Akinbayo Paul?
Paul: yes. Hope no problem.
CALLER: we went through your CV which you submitted two and half years ago and it matched the requirement for the post of general manager at XYZ Nigeria Ltd.
Paul: ok sir, thank you sir.
CALLER: you are to come on Monday morning for interview.
Paul: ok sir. Thanks.

Paul arranged his cloths, prayed to God and thanked him for the new things he hath done. He called his friends in Lagos to inform them about his coming, they declined his request of lodging at their residence over the fear of epilepsy. He tried to explain to them that he had been cured but they refused to listen. He then called his Lagos pastor as the only alternative left. He apologized for insulting the pastor recently, telling him its the work of the devil. His pastor was happy to hear from him and told him to come and stay at his place.
Paul traveled to Lagos over the weekend and lodge at his pastor’s house.

On Monday, he went straight to XYZ company after receiving prayers from his pastors. On getting to XYZ. He met 12 people who came for the same job. Before the interview started, 16 more people came. He was scared because he was the less dressed among the applicants. He was the number 8th to be interviewed. When he entered into the interview room. He met 3 men panel and he answered all the questions nicely. The interviewer were amazed because he was the least experienced but he gave the most brilliant answers so far. Favour located Paul that he was told to stay by after his interview to join them in interviewing the rest. Paul was overwhelmed and happy inside of him that there is a light ahead of his tunnel. He joined the 3 men panel now making 4 men panel to interview the remaining applicants.

He waited till Thursday at his Lagos pastor’s house hoping and waiting for responses but nothing came forth. He decided to leave everything unto God’s hand and decided to travel on Friday.
On Friday morning, he prayed, bid his pastor and the family farewell and head to the park to enter the bus going back to his own family. Sooner, the bus was filled up and was about to move when he got a call from XYZ to come over right away to fill some forms and also to get his guarantor’s form and referee’s form to be filled over the weekend and be returned on Monday morning when he resumed work. He was happy and screamed inside the bus to the extent that the other passengers were thinking he was mad. He told the bus driver to stop and that he wanted to drop. A lot of people in the bus insulted him including the driver for delaying them because they would have to wait till they get another passenger before the bus could move. Out of the driver’s annoyance, 200naira was deducted from the fee returned to him. But he never mind.

With his travelling bag, he chattered a bike to take him to XYZ. On getting there, he was directed to the branch manager who welcomed him, handled over his forms to him and discussed his salary with him, telling him he would be earning 180,000 naira basic salary + allowances + free staff quarters + official car. Paul was so happy, he was delighted that God eventually turned back his captivity and returned his lost glory unto him. He went straight to his pastor to share the testimony with him. His pastor helped him with the forms to be filled by dignitaries from the church.
Paul resumed work the following week, he packed into his new apartment and his car key was handed over to him.
He drove to visit his friends the following month to share the testimony with them. His friends were amazed by what they saw in Paul. His new look, his radiance, his workplace, his official car and his salary. They couldn’t believe Paul would make it in life. Paul led his friends to christ and they were born again and became christians.
Exactly 6months after there converts, they got promotions at their workplaces that had been due to them for a long time. The 3 friends were happy and returned all glory to almighty God.
Paul got married to a God fearing lady in his church and he was blessed with children.

……………………THE END………………………….

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Bro Paul (Episode 5)
  1. Please more of Christian stories abeg,all ds bleep bleeep too much,more of brother paul stories and encounter with a JW too was real.

    1. We will do just that

  2. Wow. This just made my day . This is the kind of story I want to be reading not just bleep here bleep der. Stories that will impact lives for generations and not the one I will forget next day

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