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Bro Paul (Episode 6)

Paul and his friends got to the baba. His house was an ancient house with feathers and horns plugged into every walls. Smell of pigeon and fowl bloods were all over the compound. On getting to the door, his friends knocked and baba opened the door from inside. He welcomed them and told them to sit down on the mat. Inside the room was a white and red cloth hanged on the wall like a plasma TV. Calabash was placed on the ground, an ancient lantern was placed on the calabash and the baba was holding a horn. Paul was scared and worried on seeing all this things but his friends calmed him down and telling him that there is no going back and there would be no problem. His friends turned to baba and started a conversation.

FRIENDS: baba, good afternoon.
BABA: my children, how are you?
FRIENDS: baba we are fine ooo.
BABA: I can see that on your faces. How is work going?
FRIeNDS: work is fine and everything is fine. Thanks to you bABA.
BABA: ***smiled*** don’t thank me, thank the gods, they performed everything, I’m only a messenger
FrIeNDS: thanks to the gods oooo.,
BABA: **smiled***
FRIENDS: here is our friend. ** pointing to Paul***, he is a childhood friend, he had been in lagos for the past 3years with no job.
BABA: whaaaat, 3years?, and you can’t bring him here all this while
FRIENDS: don’t mind him baba, he wasn’t interested at first because of religion.
BABA: ***smiled and facing Paul*** my son, what is your name?
Paul: Paul
BABA: you see my son, religion doesn’t hinder you from divine assistance from people that are closer to the gods. Both muslims and christians visits us here for counselling. If you noticed the man that went out just now, he is a pastor of a popular church here in lagos.

FRIENDS: we told him the same thing baba and he doesn’t listen.
BABA: don’t worry, today that he visited my temple, there would be instant solution. Let me contact the gods first to know what will work with his destiny.
FRIENDS: ok baba

Baba told Paul to bring out any amount and speak to it. Paul did exactly what he was told and returned the money to baba. Baba faced the graved image beside him, he made incantations and chants to appease the gods, finally, the gods responded and its only baba that heard it. Paul and his friends were watching in a clueless manner.

BABA: the gods of my forefathers, here is Paul before you, he wanted to get good jobs in this lagos and he decided to visit you for assistance.

gods: my servant, you see that boy, we have been haunting him for a long, and we are so happy today that he fell into our trap. Its time to deal with him.

BABA: haaaa!, the gods of my fore fathers, what happend?

gods: you see, while he was on campus, he wagged war against us and sent us packing. He loosed all the prey we tied, he performed many miracles, he healed the people we made blind, he healed the sickness we placed on people. And do you know the worst part?

BABA: gods of my forefathers, I’m listening.

gods: he delivered almost all the young girls that we possessed to sleep with young undergraduates and siphoned their destinies through sex. So this time, we are going to deal with him severely.

BABA: so what do I do my fathers?

gods: give him “tamotiye” soap and lotion to use. This will take his God’s eyes away from him while we take our time to suffer him more afflictions.

BABA: ok gods of my forefathers. Thank you very much. I know that you will always help me.

FRIENDS: baba, what did the gods said?.
BABA: the gods said he would get a good job within the next 2 months.
Paul: ***happy**** thank you sir.
BABA: you are welcome my son. Your friends are my son. So I will do anything fatherly to help you.
Paul: thank you baba.
BABA: I will give you a soap and a lotion. You should be using the soap to bath everyday and always apply the lotion after bath. Its will make favour locate you whenever you went for any test or interview. I’m very sure you will be selected and employed. And watch out, you would be called for miracle job any moment from now.

Paul: thank you sir
FRIENDS: thank you baba. Please take this 10,000 and use it to buy kola.
BABA: thank you my son.

Baba handed over the “tamotiye” soap and lotion to Paul and they departed from baba.

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