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Bro Paul (Episode 2)

Bro Paul got to NYSC. He was posted to a public secondary school. he tried to keep and maintain his religious standard at all cost but temptation started befalling him. Many of the students will walk pass him flaunting their “ukwus’ and “bobby”. He was trying all his best to resist the sexual urges and temptations with the power of the holy-spirit in him and it worked. Three months after his commencement in the school, another female corper named Eunice was posted to the school. Eunice was 29years old, a very beautiful and elegant lady. She is naturally pretty and endowed. Eunice was a rough girl who had flexed and enjoyed her life as a runs girl while on campus and had the determination of hooking a God fearing guy during service.

Weeks after Eunice commencement of her service to her fatherland at the same PPA with bro Paul, they became friends. Eunice studied Paul and noticed he was a God fearing man, without wasting time, she began to form holy just to gain the attention of Paul, she would sing gospel song, read xtian books, she stopped using jeweler and makes sure she wore moderate cloths. Bro Paul was carried away by the looks and display of Christianity, he was happy that he met a dedicated xtian like him and didn’t bother to involve God into it, he followed his mind and asked Eunice out. Without wasting much time, Eunice gave a YES answer after 2 weeks and that started dating.
As times goes on, Eunice couldn’t hold on to abstinence has she began to desire for sex in the relationship. He tried so many means to seduce bro Paul but he kept resisting. After long weeks of resistance, bro Paul finally fell for it and they have sex after 4months of the relationship.

Bro paul started drowning spiritually into the ocean of Eunice’s touch. Every moment, bro Paul would go on his kneels and cry to God for forgiveness, only to fell back on Eunice laps weeks later. His prayer and devotion life began to reduce drastically to the extent that he doesn’t read bible again frequently like before. (That is the power of woman I must say, behind the downfall of most spiritual leaders are woman of easy virtue who knows how to manipulate them to get what they wanted).
Paul began to struggle with his spiritual life. He began told hear strange voices and found it difficult to identify the voice of the holy spirit from that of the devil, one voice will say “Paul! Paul! Paul!!!, leave that woman alone, she is going to destroy you!!!. Then another one will say, Paul! Paul! Paul!!!, he who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtains favour from ME. Do not loose her because she will make a good wife with her cool and nice attitude!!”. He loved Eunice so much because Eunice seems to posses everything he wanted in a woman, the sexual intercourse is just the problem with this two lover birds. At one moment, they will pray and cry to God not to indulge in immorality again.

At another moment, they are both back to the bed. “This must be the devil’s trick” bro Paul thought. He decided to take a great risk that involved his life. After so many failed attempt to flee immorality, he called Eunice into his room one evening, he went on his kneels and told Eunice to do the same. He told her about his decision to finally quit sex until marriage, though Eunice wasn’t feeling comfortable with the decision, she enjoys sex but she isn’t ready to loose Paul simply because Paul is a God fearing man who loves God and also cared for her, Eunice believed that she can’t be maltreated by Paul and believed Paul will always be there to help in times of prayers and sacrifices. She pretended to be cool with the “no more sex” decision with the mindset that Paul would still fall back on her laps.

Paul held her hands, they both closed their eyes and Paul started praying and crying for forgiveness. After 15 minutes into the prayer, bro Paul made a strong vow to God on behalf of the lover birds and he said, “oh lord, any day WE decided to engage in sexual again, may WE be strike with leprosy and epilepsy instantly!! AMEN”. Eunice was shocked to the extent that her heart almost burst out of her chest, she removed her hands and stood up, she refused to say Amen to it and she frowned her face and telling Paul how she felt bad because she wasn’t consulted before making the leprosy vow. Paul walked to her, held her and comfort her, he made her to see reasons for his vows and promised to be there for her in everything. He made her realized that the delay in sex will hasten his urges for it and will help to fast track his marriage preparations. Eunice thought for a while, she enjoyed love making but she never wanted to loose Paul due to his God fearing and cool headed attitude. She agreed with Paul and they both resumed to continue the prayers.

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Bro Paul (Episode 3)

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