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A Corper and 3 Sisters (Episode 5)

The next day, when i got home I just relaxed in my room never bordered coming out cuz i wasn’t sure of the reaction of tolu when she’ll see me and her sister, later tolu came to my room with a book asking me to explain something in maths, suspecting that her sister will come to my room, well to be honest I was not comfortable with the whole explaining thing, I told her I was not in the mood right now for such, she began to move closer to me with this seductive look, wining her fine young body, *for my mind I say I don die, which kyn smallie wahala be this na* I moved to the door the asked her.
Me: why did u leave in that mood the other day?
Tolu: u lied to me that u had nothing with anty rachael but she called u her love and I was very angry about it
Me: sometimes u can call a friend my love depending how close u and the person are.
Tolu: but u have never called me “my love” and not just my love but “my sweet love”
Me: hahahahahahahahahahah
Tolu: laugh oh, I was angry oh and u didn’t even say sorry because u know how much I love u.

Me:*just to make her feel good* I love u too na and u know it.
Tolu: I doubt oh, after the 1st time u never wanted me again.
Me: dats not true na I only took precautions and u know it.
Tolu: I’ve miss u
Me: *for my mind, I dey pray make this smallie do dey go na,* I miss u too
She walk straight towards me, I knew what she wanted so I stretched my hand, drag her close and kissed her as responded immediately. ***gboozza*** my door slammed open. We quickly adjusted as asked with great annoyance on face.
Rach: Quiqui (pronounced kiki) what is happening here? Oh so u’ve been bleeping my junior sister behind my back?
Me: *starmmering* eeehmmm i….. Its not wha….
Rach: Shut up! Its not what what?
Me: *eheehe see babe dey tell me shut up, na my fault sha*
Tolu: anty rachael ejor ah! Ema bi nu ah! *while apologizing with yoruba dialect*
*kpawaiiii* a slap on her face
Rach: Shut up! I heard all u discussed here, I can’t believe what I heard, in fact
Tolu: *crying* but anty we started dating before….
We both yelled at her ‘shut up!!’

Then the sister resumed the pounding on the younger one and I tried separating them and hold one of Rachael’s hand and she chased Tolu of my room, know what has done and out of fear she didn’t go home directly passed the blind path of their house.
Rach: common leave me! In fact I don’t want to see u anymore, don’t border calling me or texting cus it be replied, I regret knowing u. Then she left, then I know I’ve lost my babes, well I know I have someone in mind, was hoping Bola can cool any of my grief and heart break, so I dial the number and hoped to get responds but network wouldn’t allow it. I was a bit scared and hoped Rachael won’t go home and expose every thing, I had one thought though, that she had a taste of it so I hoped she wouldn’t tell on her sister. The next day at school, Tolu squeezed a note in my palm, when I checked. I was a letter.


I am sorry to write u this letter, I never thought u would betray me this much, u said u loved me and I foolishly fell for it, while u are dating my sister. I was lucky my sister didn’t report me to my parent, I regret every of my actions with u, thanks for showing me who u really are. I HATE U.

I just sighed a sigh of relief knowing that their parents is in the dark, the rest of the school hours was spent in the staff room chatting with my kopa friend name jumai till the close time, went home stayed in doors till around 7pm I think, then I went out tried calling Bola again, in fact all what I could think anytime I entered my room was how I could get Bola to come for bleeping so what Tolu and her sister Rachael was doing, I was not minding them anymore, so I tried Bola’s line but not available, I was sad cause I would be traveling soon but I have not seen her again after that day I saw her. I strolled round, went to our viewing centre and as I was going back home I heard my name kopa! kopa! (That’s what they call me there) I turned back to see who was calling only to find out that it was Funke, I was a bit concerned thinking she would ask me what happened between her sisters and me, but she just came and asked where I was coming from?
Me: *ehhn? She no know ehh* I was bored, I just came out to walk it out.
Funke: u should’ve come to our house nd stayed with us na.
Me: Yes that’s true but I needed d walk, so u where are u coming from this night?
Funke: from the church, I came to see somebody.

Me: ah! Ok
Funke: What naaa?
Tapping my shoulder
Me: what did I do na?
Funke: I’m not like that oh
Me: Rachael nko?
Funke: she is in her house, what about her?
Me: nothing i didn’t see her throughout today.
Funke: did I come out today?
Me: what about ur friend, Bola?
Funke: she is fine, do u like her?
Me: I promised her something that’s all
Funke: u like her.
Me: just because she is a fan like me
Funke: but its like she loves u
Me: really? Ah, but my heart is somewhere else now.
Funke: for sure? Where?
Me: if I tell u won’t believe me
Funke: try me.
Me: I’ve been in love since I came to this town with u.
Funke: hmmn are u sure?
Me: 100% sure
Funke: why do u love me?
Me: *ehh, na interview oh* because u’re beautiful, calm, caring, and intelligent.
She smiles and didn’t say anything again, then I asked her
Me: did I win?
Funke: am I a trophy?
Me: u are worth more than that to me.

After saying those words I stood, she turned back and saw me standing and asked what was the matter, I walked straight to her and hold her hands, tried to kiss her she withdrew her head and asked what was I trying to do? I did not answer her, I just held her hands and was just admiring those huge boobs of hers and was wondering inside of me that what do I give to suck those huge boobs, the biggest I’ve had opportunity to get so close to.
Funke: why do want to do dat here?
Me: am sorry
Funke: let’s go home
Oh I was excited hearing that from her. As we got close to where we live she just said “see u later” and left, I was perplexed, I just stood there watched her go to their house, then I went home disappointed.

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