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A Corper and 3 Sisters (Episode 4)

The next day in school I received a text from rach that my bday gift was with tolu so after school I went home, relax and then read some of my school books, then during the evenin as I was about going out for evening stroll, as I opened the door I saw tolu with a package in her hand but her face wasn’t friendly, but I pretended to not notice her mood and then asked
Me: is that for me?
Tolu: yes! *stretching the gift towards me*
Me: WoW! Thanks *smiling to her as if the gift came from her* u shouldn’t have
Tolu: its not from me
Me: Really? Then from who?
Tolu: anty rachael
Me: really ?*pretending to be surprise*
Tolu: Sir, *paused for like 5sec* do u have anything with my sister?
Me: why do u ask?
Tolu: can I come in?
Me: ehhmmm!!! Yeah sure.
She comes in and we sat to discuss, I was just thinking of what to tell this girl that won’t upset her feelings
Me: hey! What about ur people?
Tolu: my dad travel to abeokuta, my mum went to market, anty funke is at home and I don’t know where samson is
Me: do funke know u re coming here?
Tolu: no
Me: ok, so what do u want to know?

Tolu: why does anty rachael seems to like u that much to the extent even u don’t invite me to ur room and when I want to see u, u’ll give one excuse or the other, I am having a strong feelings u like her too that y u have been avoiding me,
Me: hahahaha, avoid u? No! no! no! no!, the thing is, u see wat happen that night Is what have been avoiding and…
Tolu: but I am not complaining na
Me: yes u re not but I felt terrible inside of me, u see I like u, yes I do, but what if someone find out about us, me and my pupil, do u know the shame I’ll feel? That’s y I have been acting the way I do, I am sorry.
Tolu: *sobs* that’s y u left me for my sister, *cries* becus she’s older
Me: *i helped up and hugged her* No! No! No! I don’t have anything to do with her believe me.
Suddenly my phone rang and when I checked who the caller was, it was Rachael,and tolu saw the phone when I brought it out of my jean pocket, I was stunned and wasn’t sure if I should pick the call.
Tolu: pick the call na
Me: why?
Tolu: to prove u have nothing with her
Me: Oh! U don’t believe me?
Then call ended
Tolu: sir, please if she calls again pick the call and put on speaker and if I confirm u have noth…. *The phone rings again* nothing to do with her as u said I won’t border u anymore
I looked at the ringing phone looked at Tolu, she was just starring into my eyes with tears inside her eyes. *what do I have to do? I asked myself* then I answered the call and put it on speaker.
Me: helloo!!


Rach: hello, wat happened that u didn’t pick my call the first time I called?
Me: sorry I was kynda busy
Rach: Ok, did u get my package?
Me: yeah, i did thanks a lot
Rach: did u like it?
Me: sure, I love it, thanks again *i just dey do quick make di call end before she go talk wetin she no suppose talk*
Rach: how was work today?
Me: work was good in fact dats wat keeping me busy at d moment so call u later, byeee!
That’s when I spoiled things
Rach: ok bye, my sweet love
I quickly ended d call but already the did has been done. Tolu just look at me with hatred and sigh a HEAVY sigh and went out of my room, I went out too for my stroll, as I was closed to the junction I saw funke in front of me with two beautiful black n yellow babes, I approached and said hi to the babes, then funke held my hand so that I can stand with them, but i wasn’t standing with those babes, anyway I stood and she introduce me to them, they too introduced themselves also as Vicky and Bola respectively, she had introduced me as a corper to them, so i want to go to where i was going which was really nowhere, funke ask where i was going? I said, i was just strolling and asked if she and her friends could come with me and I didn’t like the idea so I quickly told her that I was actually going to meet a fellow football fan to chat some football gist, that was just to discourage them not to join me, then Bola, the fair girl said *when I say fair I mean close to albino fair, but with dark hairs, brows and lashes, and brown lens. She take small thing escape albino*

Bola: whose fan are u? The other girls were laughing at her
Me: do u know any team? * I asked with a smile*
Funke: ask her oh, kopa
Bola: yes na, *bobo yin ………… Arsenal ni* she spoke in yoruba so I didn’t understand what she said but I am guessing she said her BF is an Arsenal fan. So I asked her if she an Arsenal fan and she said yes and the girls burst into laughter again.
Bola: don’t mind them oh they are jealous they don’t know anything about
Me: *smiling* don’t mind them me too I am an Arsenal u hear?
Vicky: *smiling* football ko football ni
Me: so u go to watch matches with ur BF?
Bola: Yes, but that was then sha,
Me: ok, but would u like to watch again?
Funke: ehhh kopa she won’t watch.
They giggled
Me: allow her to answer now
Vicky: she will go
Me: I know she will.
*we all smiled*
Bola: that would be in the weekend right?
Funke: hmmmm hmmm
Me: yes I believe we’ll play stoke or sunderland
Bola: ok let me know when its time.

Vick: how? Na winch him be to call u, if u want to give him ur number just do so.
Funke: shay na?
Bola: what is now? Why are u all attacking me na? Has he asked and I said I won’t give
Me: Bola please can I have ur number?
But, girl u don’t have to attach her like dat na? Besides, I should be the one to ask for her Zeros.
Vicky: Defender, oh let me go and look for who to defend me too.
Funke: Abi oh
She gave me the number and I promised to call in the weekend. I told the girls I was going home then funke said, she wants to go home too that we went together, so we told the girl bye and left while they went there own ways. When we got home I went straight to my room. Late in the evening Rach called to inform me that she is would be coming to visit her family and that if we could see? I said ok.

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