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A Corper and 3 Sisters (Episode 3)

After sometime I began to feel movement on top of my joystick, I pretended to be fast asleep but enjoying her smooching, soon I gained Attention then woke up and ask her to wait let me clean my self up she said don’t worry that she had wiped me dry, she stroke it till I was full strong then she moved up to my face and planted a kiss on my lip, we kiss for a short while and I went straight for her bobbs, I licked and suck the bobbs one after the other as moaned and moaned, I used my finger to rub her clit and finger bleep her and as she moan even more and rub my head with her hand and jerked seriously with her waist and was beg me to bleep her
*whispers* bleep me pls, bleep me pls, fu*k me nw pls, I then slid it into her ‘V’ and pounded without mercy for about 30min non-stop, I hit her till her Kitty-Cat became dry and the friction increased and her ‘V’ was tighter and hot, she struggle to scream but would not want to wake people from their sleep so she could just beat the foam with her hands and tap my back repeatedly, open her mouth but couldn’t scream, bounce her head on the foam in both pain and pleasure I think, I pounded and pounded then she hugged my neck very very tight that i struggled to breath and she was vibrating, suddenly she loosen her grip and relax, as I still pound I noticed the reduced friction and the slipperiness of the ‘V’, I thought to myself *ehn na now i do something* soon i felt like exploding so i quickly ejected and emptied the whole thing on her belly, and I fell on the bed tired and exhausted and she said thank u, i smile, i quickly checked time on me phone and it says to 3 and I was like *i fit collect again before day break oh*
Rach: what’s the time
Me: after 2
Rach: Ok, but pls wake me by 4:30 so I can go to my house so my people won’t see me when i am going
Me: no probs i will wake u up

I couldn’t sleep because i know the time will soon get to 4am so i was thinking how to start the third show of the TDB. After like 1hr I pretend to be asleep and i drop my hand on her bobbs, to see if she will object but she didn’t so I squeezed and caressed the bobbs not b4 long i got her moved again, she turned and start to suck it, i sucked for sometimes and my time will soon be up i push my dick against d entrance of her Kitty-Cat until it swallowed up my dick, pounding starts, i knack for 5min then paused to check the time on my phone and it was just around 3:49am i think, so i said to myself
*i get like 30min to fire this babe na*
I resume knacking, i pound till we changed style, i ask her to hold the burglary proof, back me, bend and spread her legs, i entered from behind, i hold her by her waist and continue the knacking till when we heard the first rooster crow, we disengaged from eachoda I rushed my phone and checked the time it was 17 past 4am, so we arranged ourselves and checked the time again it was 21 past, I open my door and she sneaked out and follow the side she came through I escorted her to a point then I went back home to really sleep.


The next day, b/4 i woke up it was late, around 11, can’t even go to church became a problem, the remain parts of the mornin and early afternoon was dull I didn’t do anything, i managed to warm my food and eat and continue my sleep till early evening then i woke up took time to arrange everything in the house and my office books and stuffs, the following months were normal, i manage to keep everything under my control and watch so that tolu and Rach did not suspect each other and none of them suspected me either, cus when I’m class I teach the whole and no smiling with tolu or anybody and when we get home I play with everybody and hoped tolu will not be jealous, some days i will take there brother out to viewing center to watch match together, so even the father was comfortable with me around his children since i sometimes explain questions they ask, sometimes we discuss politics, so he is really comfortable, rach comes to my place only on special arrangement or we meet else where, so things are pity much under control cuz since the last time i had tolu i never invited her to my place, the only time she goes to my place is when i am in their house and i send her to go get me something then she can go, so thing were ok until on the 10th of dec.

School will go on holidays for the Christmas break on the 16th dec, and my birthday was few days away, i mistakenly disclose it to the whole house, on the day very day i bought some drinks to mark my birthday, they sang the happy birthday theme song for me after they had prayed for me and we all drank our drinks and closed the birthday.

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