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Peerfunding Pays

Due to the unreliability of these our 100% and 200% schemes…where we end up getting -100% and -200% losing both our capital and profit…..I have move to shop to something I hear is more reliable Gives 30% returns btw 2-10days so far no one has lost any cash there…nor be as he dey hot…   […]

In Love Again Episode 8

it was up to three weeks, Sonia refused to talk to Daniel, she would always pretend like she didn’t know him, and whenever Anita asked her, she would change the topic, this continued, until one day he decided to ask her what her problem was whether she liked it or not, that very day he […]

NIGHT PARTY(18+) part 4

NIGHT PARTY(18+) part 4 ​I pulled my tongue out of her pussy, my face is dripping wet. I swallowed strongly and looked into her eyes, “I’m not done, Carlie, I’m not stopping until you can’t stand.” As I’m telling her this, I’m pulling my right hand out from underneath her and sliding it down her hips. […]

In Love Again Episode 7

Anita went to serve Daniel, she pressed the bell and he opened the door, thinking that it was Sonia, and on seeing Anita, he changed his face and she asked him. Anita : were you expecting someone? Daniel : actually i thought it was someone else. Anita : *walked in and dropped his food and […]

NIGHT PARTY (18+) part 3

I kissed my way down to just before the top of her pussy. She was moaning in full throttle now, her breathing was noticeably heavier, gasping for breath on almost every moan. Without making any contact with her pussy, I stopped progressing down her body. Looking at me with a burning passion that cannot be […]

In Love Again Episode 6

becoming his friend wasn’t an easy thing for her but all the same he is one of the best friends she ever had, she would share anything that bothers her with him, spending a lot of time together like couples. they were together in his room, Daniel was working with his laptop, while she sat […]

Night party Episode 2

The party on the ground floor was dying down, as most of the partygoers funneled into the basement. Carlie and I vigorously searched for a room that suited us. I’ve only known her for about an hour and I was already feeling a connection to her. Her personality was exactly what I look for, classy, […]

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