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Pant Down. Episode 3

“Oh no, that won’t be necessary” I smiled and said “Come on, gentlemen don’t reject offers especially when those offers are coming from women” She said. I got back smiling. Within 4 minutes she was done serving me with waakye in a “take away” pack. I took the pack and said “Thank You God bless […]

Teenage Love Episode 20

Segun got back to his seat and began shading the answers on the OMR sheet. In less than thirty minutes he was through with the paper. He looked around the hall and discovered he was the first person to finish. “Some people are so dull. Look at them; battling with these cheap questions.” he thought […]

Wrong Number Episode 38

I left home early on Friday morning. I needed to see Lizzy first at the bank where she works. She introduced me to some policies. I intend to take on the policy. I was directed to Lizzy’s office. On my way down the banking hall, I ran into my lodge mate back in school. “It’s […]

Pant down Episode 2

We did our best but our best was just not enough. We were sent back to Accra and they brought in another men. The conflict escalated because of the gruesome murder of the king. I was in my room one hot after when our general sent for me. I quickly rush to his office to […]


SCENE ONE {Nanchin and Patient are captured on stage with their faces having the look of gossip. They walked to the centre of stage talking} (Their conversation) Nanchin;       (tapping patient with her right palm) have you heard Patient;         heard what Nanchin;       (surprisingly) eh! So you haven’t heard. Well that even makes it to be more […]

Wrong Number Episode 37

The next weekend I went to the Daniel’s place, I met Paul at the mansion. They both welcomed me and I tabled Tunde’s issue. “Please guys I need your help” “You want to us to help him get a job, after everything he did to you” Paul said “Let him get himself a job Daniella, […]

Teenage Love Episode 19

Segun ran after Nike as she increeased her pace. “Nike… Nike..,” he called as he ran. She ignored him and entered the exam hall but took the other exit and got out again to the back of the hall. Segun entered the hall and couldn’t find her. He asked the candidates in the hall but […]


ILLEGALITY   Scripted by:  Jethro Mark Da’ar Directed by:  Jethro Mark Da’ar    PROLOGUE:   This is a play that contents the articles and the spectacles of new age movement mostly found among youths nowadays. The life of Joseph and Moses, vividly express by Nanchin and Patient is a total mess and a tragedy to […]

My father’s pain

I stared fixedly at Prof. Solomon Laryea, my wife’s lawyer. Perhaps, I did not hear him well, I assured myself. I felt my lawyer’s hand on my arm obviously trying to restrain me from over reacting. “Excuse me, sir. What did you just say?” I asked, still confident that I really did not hear the […]

Pant down Episode 1

It was a hot Sunday afternoon.  I was in my cubicle enjoying some country music when I heard the emergency bell at the barracks. I jumped out of my bed to dress up as the bells says. We attended the parade and the base information was that there is an ongoing conflict at Bimbilla a […]

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