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Blind Desire Episode 48

I smiled wryly as Rina started dozing off. Though she was trying hard to remain awake. ‘Rin?’ i called ‘you should just sleep, dont fight it’ She shook her head and reached for her father’s hand. I reached for her free hand and helped her up. She stood up weakly, the medicine wasnt just going […]

I’m in Love Episode 19

And immediately I said this, I stormed out of the eatery with my friends.. On getting back to the hostel,Ekony and Wilson were just fuming up and down the room saying nothing until Ekony bursted out “ooooo,pen what is wrong with you, Ehn answer me,a stupid guy slapped you in the public because of your […]

I’m in Love Episode 18

Because what she said was like a love that is in the Dungeon of Dejection……… From that day Lina told me that sad news my thinking and my morale has changed immediately,i could not think straight again at all,but with the encouraging words I heard from my friends,i felt consoled “Hello guy, shey na book […]

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